Leather Furniture in Home Decor

You can find some of the most durable and sophisticated furniture options in leather, and although it’s popular in classy office settings, it’s also a great choice for a prestigious living space. However, leather furniture isn’t all the same and there are a good deal of differences in the quality, texture, sturdiness and intricacy in creation. We had a little discussion with our collegues in Upholstery Minneapolis MN who told us a couple of interesting facts about these leather types. Here we’ll list a couple of the types we learned from the professionals so any of you aspiring home decorators out there can familiarize yourselves with them.

Full Grain

If you’re looking to get as close to pure, authentic leather as you can, then you’ll want to go with full grain leather. The only things done to treat this type of leather is the hari removal and soaking in natural dye. Zero addition treatment is applied to full grain leather.

Top Grain

Here the leather takes on a little more polishing than full grain which makes it a little softer, although this is just a tiny step lower in purity and boasts the same longevity and durability. Top grain is even more popular than full grain leather, simply due to the comfort factor and how well it performs as furniture upholstery.

Split Grain

This type of leather is definitely less expensive, yet also harder to maintain than the higher quality sorts mentioned above. Split grain leather is made by removing the outer layer of leather and using the section of hide remaining.


Bonded leather is a great deal cheaper than the top teir types of leather, but gets you a very close “high-quality” leather look nonetheless. It’s made by fusing together leather scraps with adhesive material and actually contains only 17% actual leather, making it far more affordable than pure, top quality leather.

In addition to these types you’ve also got Nubuck Leather, Bi-Cast Leather, Faux Leather and more. But these types will give you a headstart in your understanding of leather furniture types.