Getting Our Floors Done

We absolutely love our new house, however the floors were in pretty bad shape. Turns out there was some decent hardwood flooring under the carpets once we ripped out the old shag rugs from our 1964 Ranch. Many times I’m sure this situation has come up for people when renovating or flipping a house, making the decision to either take out all the flooring and put brand new flooring in, or instead to try and restore the existing floors. Stylistically, people may have preferences especially when some of the flooring from the 60’s was very much from that era, and the current trends tend to lean towards wider sized long floor planks, and less cross-bone hatch patterns. Luckily our floors were your standard 3 inch wide planks that are found in countless homes in New England. But the issue here was that there were some holes, gaps, staples, as well as dark staining from moisture damage. We weren’t sure that it was even possible to get these floors refinished, but we decided to at least get a professional’s opinion on them before we ripped them all out to install new flooring, which was probably going to get very expensive if we went that route. The benefit to new flooring of course is that you get to pick out the style you want, as well as the stain or color. And there are many options for materials as well, such as tile that looks like hardwood.

But when we discovered that it was in fact very feasible to get our current old hardwood floors refinished, at a fraction of the cost of installing new floors, we decided that it was a better use of our money at that time. We search for the best hardwood floor refinishing Boston company around, and booked them. The job only took a few days, with dustless sanding, multiple rounds of fine ground sanding actually, which took off all the old polyurethane layers as well as stains, wear and damage, and took it down to the raw unfinished wood. Then a few coats of stain and polish, with a few days of drying time, and our floors looked really incredible! We couldn’t believe the transformation.